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The staff at Pomona Vista took wonderful care of my mom for a full 10 YEARS while she battled Alzheimer’s. We didn’t live close so we couldn’t check in on her regularly, but every time we showed up unannounced her room was spotless, she was dressed, clean, smelled nice, and we could tell they were attending to all the little details like dental and foot care. She wasn’t able to speak for herself so we had to rely on the staff for everything. They patiently hand fed her meals, talked to her even though she couldn’t talk back, and made sure she had her favorite music to listen to and the right amount of sunshine every day. They let me decorate her room with happy flower and bird decals so it would feel like home. And they were always responsive, up to the very end when we were checking in on her daily and having to make the toughest decisions. The guilt of putting a loved one in a home can be overwhelming, but Pomona Vista eased my worries that she was always going to be looked after just fine.

Carrie D.

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My Mother was at Pomona Vista a couple months ago. I was nervous about her going to a nursing home. I toured one other place but after coming here and speaking to the nursing director Nancy I was convinced this was the right place for my Mother. They took such good care of her. The nurses were so caring. My Mother has a lot of allergies and has a weak stomach but they adjusted her meals perfectly for her. I am so blessed we found this place. My Mother is back home with me much stronger. I recommend this place. Thank you to Nancy, Monica and everyone.

Florence H.

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My mother was a resident of Pomona Vista for almost a decade. She had early onset Alzheimer’s and it almost broke us to have to find a new home for her.

The staff at Pomona Vista cared for her like she was theirs. She really was part of their family. They all knew her by her first name and knew all of us (mom had 5 daughters). We brought our kids to meet grandma there, we spent many Mother’s  Days there in the courtyard. The amazing nurses knew what her favorite foods were and how she likes her headrest and all the tiny things that you hope for but never expect.

The staff knew that about all the residents and the staff looked happy to be there. No attitude and just kindness. As my mom got sicker they would check with us for each step and help us make the best choices for her. Near the end, someone would would sit next to her bed and spoon feed her, tell her stories and jokes and just be with her.

You never want to put your mom in a Care Center, you just don’t, but it didn’t feel like one, it felt like her home.

Lyndie M.

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My mom was here and I’m blessed to say that she had a great experience. She was very weak so I wanted to be by her side and they were flexible with my visiting hours. The nurses are just lovely. They are always smiling and you can tell they love their job. My mom was only there for a couple of weeks but in those weeks she got a lot better. They accommodated her and made her feel like she was at home not just a nursing home.

Evelyn G.

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My mother was in the care of the staff at Pomona Vista for over a decade. We toured many facilities before selecting Pomona Vista for her final home and we are still beyond grateful. It has a homey cozy feel despite being a healthcare facility. Though it was clean it never felt sterile or clinical like many homes. It almost has the cheerful atmosphere of an elementary school. We new she would still experience some joy while in their care. She was always looked after well and the staff were so gentle and kind with her. It did not matter if we announced a visit or just stopped by, my mother was always comfortable, and clean. Often she was sunning herself in the courtyard with other residents while listening to the radio, or even enjoying activities and games in the common area. When she became non-ambulatory and far less responsive they continued to bring her out allowing her to experience the activities by being among them. She was never shut away and left alone. They fed her by hand every meal and would comment to us about her love of ice cream and chocolate. They got to know her. Beyond that they treated her with respect and dignity no matter how far into the stages of Alzheimer’s she progressed and how little she responded. Moving a loved one to a home is a gut wrenching and painful process. All you can ask is to know that where your loved one is placed is a good home. My mother took her last breath with all the kind people at Pomona Vista. They even attended her funeral. In a time when I could not care for my mother the way she deserved, Pomona Vista stepped in and gave my family a little peace of mind.  I will be grateful to them for the rest of my days.

Kellie N.

Yelp Review

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